Engine Size Calculator

Engine size is the most important fact in determining the power and performance of a vehicle.

Our engine size calculator is used to determine the engine size or displacement of an engine based on its specifications. By inputting the bore (diameter of the cylinder), stroke (distance traveled by the piston), and the number of cylinders, the engine size calculator can accurately determine the engine displacement.

Engine Size Calculator

How to calculate engine size?

To calculate engine size, you can use the formula:

Engine Size= Math.PI / 4 * bore * bore * stroke * cylinders
reffers to engine displacment


  • bore is the diameter of the cylinder in inches (or millimeters)
  • stroke is the distance traveled by the piston in inches (or millimeters)
  • cylinders is the number of cylinders in the engine

For example, if an engine has a bore of 3.5 inches, a stroke of 4 inches, and 8 cylinders, you can calculate the displacement as follows:

displacement = Math.PI / 4 * 3.5 * 3.5 * 4 * 8 = 5.7 liters

This formula can be used to determine the engine size or displacement of any internal combustion engine, regardless of whether it is a gasoline or diesel engine.

What is engine size?

Engine size is also called engine displacement and it is the total displacement of an engine, which is the volume of air/fuel mixture an engine can draw in during one complete engine cycle. Engine size is commonly expressed in cubic centimeters (cc) and liters (L). It is an important factor in determining the engine’s power and performance. Larger engines generally produce more power, but may also be less fuel efficient than smaller engines.

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