Nissan Fuel Consumption Per 100km (All Models and Variants)

The Japanese automobile brand Nissan has been known throughout the world since 1925. To date, this is one of the leading auto concerns, on the production lines of which various models of cars are produced that can satisfy the needs of both wealthy and average buyers. Nissan produces luxury cars, SUVs, minivans, and budget cars. At the same time, the engineers and designers of the concern make sure that the fuel consumption per 100 km of the distance traveled does not hurt the pockets of professional and amateur drivers.

Nissan Fuel Consumption Per 100km
Nissan Fuel Consumption Per 100km

The model range of the Japanese automaker is so rich that it is difficult to cover it completely in one publication. Below we will give the names and some characteristics of the most popular models, and you can make sure that the fuel consumption of Nissan cars per 100 km is quite acceptable for certain categories of potential buyers.

Nissan Fuel Consumption Per 100km

Nissan Almera Fuel Consumption Per 100km

The production of Nissan Almera began in 1995. In 2000, some changes were made to the design, and in 2014 the assembly of the third generation of the model, known as the Almera g15, began. The car is produced with three body styles: classic sedan, three-door and five-door hatchback. The undercarriage consists of a 1.6-liter gasoline power unit with a capacity of 102 horsepower and either manual or automatic transmission with five modes of operation. In Russia, the Almera Classic remains a popular modification, which is equipped with 1.6-liter engines and a power of 107 “horses”.

Nissan Almera Fuel Consumption Per 100km
EngineConsumption (city)Consumption (route)Consumption (mixed)Type of fuel
1.6 MT 102 hp (Mechanics)
1.6 AT 102 hp (machine)
1.6 MT 107 hp (Mechanics)
1.6 AT 107 hp (machine)10.468.2
Nissan Almera Fuel Consumption Per 100km

Nissan Juke

The Nissan Beetle has been on sale since 2010 and since then has been a constant presence in the ratings of both the most charming and the most disgusting cars. The model is equipped with a 1.6-liter engine with different power ratings (from 94 to 117 hp), as well as a manual or automatic five-speed transmission. There is an option with a diesel power unit with a volume of 1.5 liters and a capacity of 102 “horses”.

Nissan Juke fuel consumption per 100km
EngineConsumption (city)Consumption (route)Consumption (mixed)Type of fuel
1.5 MT 102 hp (Mechanics)
1.6 MT 94 hp (Mechanics)
1.6 AT 94 hp (machine)
Nissan Juke fuel consumption per 100km

Nissan Murano

The assembly of a medium-sized crossover began in 2004. Today, the third generation of the model is already on the market, which received changes in 2014. Buyers can choose between all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive modifications. Murano is equipped with a 260 hp gasoline engine. and a volume of 3.5 liters with a continuously variable transmission, which allows it to accelerate to 210 km / h. The model with a diesel engine has a power of 234 “horses” with a volume of 2.5 liters.

EngineConsumption (city)Consumption (route)Consumption (mixed)Type of fuel
2.5 MT 234 HP (Mechanics)
3.5 CVT 260 HP (variable speed drive)11.28.610.1Petrol

nissan note

Since 2004, the compact minivan Note has appeared in the Nissan model line. The car belongs to the category of the safest cars in the world. During the release, it survived only one generation change. It is produced with petrol and diesel engines of different power with manual or automatic transmission.

nissan note Fuel Consumption Per 100km
EngineConsumption (city)Consumption (route)Consumption (mixed)Type of fuel
1.2 MT 79 hp (Mechanics)
1.2 CVT 79 hp (variable speed drive)
1.4 MT 88 hp (Mechanics)
1.5 MT 90 hp (Mechanics)
1.6 MT 109 hp (Mechanics)
1.6 AT 138 hp (machine)
nissan note Fuel Consumption Per 100km

Nissan Pathfinder

A car with this name appeared in the model line of the Japanese automaker in 2004. Since then, the Nissan Pathfinder has gone through three generational changes and several changes in its appearance. An all-wheel drive car (only one modification is equipped with front-wheel drive) comes from the factory conveyors with gasoline or diesel power units. Buyers can also choose between manual and automatic models. One of the modifications is a hybrid.

EngineConsumption (city)Consumption (route)Consumption (mixed)Type of fuel
2.5 MT 190 hp (Mechanics)
2.5 AT 190 hp (machine)
3.0 AT 231 hp (machine)
3.5 CVT 249 hp (variable speed drive)
4.0 MT 284 hp (Mechanics)11.88.710.2Petrol
4.0 AT 284 hp (machine)18.710.513.5

Nissan Patrol

In 1951, the first representative of this lineup rolled off the assembly line of Nissan. In terms of reliability and cross-country ability, Nissan Patrol is considered one of the best SUVs in the world. The car appeared on the domestic market at the beginning of the new century in its fifth and sixth generation. A cross-country vehicle is equipped with either a gasoline or diesel power unit with a manual or automatic transmission. The consumption of one or another type of fuel in Nissan Patrol cars is much less than that of SUVs from other manufacturers.

Nissan Patrol Fuel Consumption Per 100km
EngineConsumption (city)Consumption (route)Consumption (mixed)Type of fuel
4.5 MT 200 hp (Mechanics)
4.5 AT 200 hp (machine)
4.8 MT 245 hp (Mechanics)25.014.318.2
4.8 AT 245 hp (machine)25.014.318.2
5.6 AT 405 hp (machine)20.811.814.5
2.8 MT 129 hp (Mechanics)
3.0 MT 160 hp (Mechanics)14.38.810.8
3.0 AT 160 hp (machine)
4.2 MT 145 hp (Mechanics)
4.2 AT 145 hp (machine)

Nissan Qashqai

Nissan Qashqai, which has been on sale since 2007, looks a lot like a five-door hatchback, but it is much taller and more spacious. It is advisable to use the car for trips on a good roadway – in off-road conditions it does not behave in the best way. This model is produced with front and all-wheel drive, but the power of the power unit depends on this choice. On front-wheel drive cars, 1.6-liter engines with 115 hp are installed, on all-wheel drive cars, the engine capacity is 2 liters with a power of 144 “horses”. The transmission can be manual or automatic. There are other types of equipment.

EngineConsumption (city)Consumption (route)Consumption (mixed)Type of fuel
1.2 MT 113 hp (Mechanics)
1.6 MT 115 hp (Mechanics)
1.6. CVT 130 hp (variable speed drive)
2.0 MT 144 hp (Mechanics)
2.0 CVT 144 HP (variable speed drive)

Nissan Terrano

The Japanese manufacturer began production of the Nissan Terrano model in 1985. Since 2004, it has been renamed the Nissan Pathfinder, and a new SUV has been assembled under the Terrano brand. The most budget modification of this lineup are cars with a 1.6-liter engine and a manual transmission that develops 102 hp. The manufacturer also offers customers modifications with 2 and 3 liter power units.

Nissan Terrano fuel consumption per 100km
EngineConsumption (city)Consumption (route)Consumption (mixed)Type of fuel
1.6 MT 102 hp (Mechanics)
2.0 MT 135 hp (Mechanics)
2.0 AT 135 hp (machine)
3.0 MT 170 hp (Mechanics)
3.0 AT 170 hp (machine)

Nissan X-Trail

Introducing the X-trail to the world (we also call this car Ixtrail) in 2001, the Japanese automaker declared its intention to conquer more than 190 countries with this crossover. With good technical characteristics, the model has gained popularity in the domestic space. Reliable and comfortable SUV fell in love with Russian car owners. They are not going to curtail the production of X-trails yet, constantly updating the lineup.

EngineConsumption (city)Consumption (route)Consumption (mixed)Type of fuel
1.6 MT 130 hp (Mechanics)
1.6. CVT 130 hp (variable speed drive)
2.0 MT 141 hp (Mechanics)
2.0 MT 150 HP (Mechanics)
2.0 AT 150 hp (machine)
2.0 CVT 141 HP (variable speed drive)
2.5 MT 169 hp (Mechanics)
2.5 CVT 171 HP (variable speed drive)

Nissan Tiida

The Tiida model has appeared on the domestic car market since 2007, although it was launched back in 2004. The car is produced in hatchback and sedan bodies, and due to its technical characteristics and low price, it is in demand among various categories of the population. In Russia, the car is sold with a manual and automatic transmission and petrol engines of 1.6 and 1.8 liters. 1.6-liter engines, producing 109 or 117 hp, consume less fuel, which is why the number of Tied sold of this modification is much larger.

EngineConsumption (city)Consumption (route)Consumption (mixed)Type of fuel
1.6 MT 117 hp (Mechanics)
1.6. AT 117 HP (machine)
1.6. CVT 117 hp (variable speed drive)
1.8 MT 126 hp (Mechanics)
1.8 AT 126 hp (machine)

Nissan Teana

Since 2003, the Nissan concern has begun producing cars called Teana. This model represents a business class and is produced in a sedan body. Teana is in high demand in many countries around the world and has won several prestigious awards. In 2011, minor changes were made to the appearance of the car, but the technical characteristics remained the same.

EngineConsumption (city)Consumption (route)Consumption (mixed)Type of fuel
2.0 AT 150 hp (machine)
2.3 AT 173 hp (machine)13.78.310.3
2.5 CVT 172 HP (variable speed drive)
3.5 CVT 249 hp (Mechanics)

Nissan Navara

The first pickup truck to roll off Nissan’s factory lines in 1986 was the Navara. Since then, it has been modernized more than once, and the Japanese manufacturer is not going to refuse further production of Navar. Due to the high build quality, excellent payload and modern design, these pickups are popular all over the world. With high ground clearance, power steering and front-wheel drive, the car is ideal for domestic road conditions.

EngineConsumption (city)Consumption (route)Consumption (mixed)Type of fuel
2.5 MT 190 hp (Mechanics)
2.5 AT 190 hp (machine)11.57.69
3.0 MT 231 hp (Mechanics)
3.0 AT 231 hp (machine)

Nissan Elgrand

Since 1999, Nissan’s factory conveyors have been producing full-size Elgrand minivans that can compete with the best European models of the same level. Elgrand minivans are distinguished by high functionality and good aerodynamic performance. The most popular are versions with multi-liter power units and automatic transmission.

EngineConsumption (city)Consumption (route)Consumption (mixed)Type of fuel
2.0 AT 170 hp (machine)
3.2 AT 170 hp (machine)18.012.515.0
3.5 AT 280 hp (machine)

Nissan Skyline

Nissan Skyline is a legendary model of the Japanese concern. For more than fifty years of history of its release, twelve generations of cars have changed. Currently, the most popular version is the V35 (sold in the US under the Infiniti G35 brand). The car is produced in sedan and convertible bodies.

Nissan Skyline Fuel Consumption Per 100km
EngineConsumption (city)Consumption (route)Consumption (mixed)Type of fuel
2.5 AT 225 hp (machine)16.110.913.6Petrol
3.5 AT 306 hp (machine)17.89.814.7


All data above about Nissan Fuel Consumption Per 100km in the tables are averages. The real fuel consumption of a particular model can only be determined experimentally. At the same time, car sensors should not be trusted – it is advisable to check the exact indicators in the “old-fashioned” way: fill in a full tank, drive a hundred kilometers, add gasoline or diesel to a full tank, and calculate the fuel consumption.

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