2005-2008 Toyota Belta Fuel Consumption and Average

The official website of Toyota indicates that the production of Belta in 2005 has already released 2 generations and 4 modifications of cars, with engine configurations with a volume of 996, 1298 cm3 and a power of 72, 86 l / s, using as fuel: gasoline, brands AI-92, with gearbox: variant.

And the fuel consumption of Toyota Belta in a mixed, urban (in the city), and extra-urban (along the highway) cycle is from 4.5 to 5.1 liters per 100 km, which, with a tank volume of 42 liters, allows you to drive a distance of 823 km. up to 933 km.

Toyota Belta Fuel Consumption and Average

Toyota Belta Fuel Consumption

  • gas mileage 4.5l. – 5.1l. per 100 km;
  • tank volume 42 liters;
  • distance on one tank from 823 km. up to 933 km.

Toyota Belta gas mileage and Average Data

The table contains the most often interesting distances and the corresponding indicators of fuel consumption by kilometer for Toyota Belta. The data in the table are averaged and do not take into account the modification and equipment of a particular car, but use average data for the model.

Fuel consumption is per 100KM and

Fuel Average is Per Litre in City.

2005-2008 Toyota Belta Fuel Consumption

ModificationFuel consumption, l (city)Fuel consumption, l (highway)Fuel consumption, l (mixed)Fuel Average
1.0 CVT (71 hp)4.44.423
1.3 AT (87 hp) 4WD6.36.316
1.3 CVT (87 hp)5520
1.3 AT (86 hp)5.15.120
1.3 MT (86 hp)6617
1.5 AT (106 hp)6.86.815

How much will Toyota Belta drive on a full tank?

The official website indicates that on one full tank of Toyota Belta it will travel from 823 km. up to 933 km .. Considering that a car with a full tank is 42 liters.

Of course, these are averaged data, and the actual consumption already depends on the modification and configuration of the car, the driving style and cycle (in the city, the consumption is higher, on the highway, the consumption is lower), and the condition of the car.

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